Агентство архитектурных экскурсий и авторских путешествий
About us
Architectural excursions and long trips in Moscow and other russian cities, popular excursions for everybody and for professionals (engineers, architects ect), visit to constraction sites and architectural bureau. Business trips in English, French, German.
We can make special programs for your demands, bus or walking tours, any durations and dates.
Our specialization is contemporary architecture, russian avant-garde.
We made different trips for Sweden, French, Japan, Israeli, Swiss, Netherlands and other groups from 2 to 300 people. We make our trips since 2008.
What do we do?
  • 1
    Architectural excursions
    We make different excursions about contemporary architecture and russian Anant-gard.
  • 2
    Architectural trips
    We compose architectural and design tours in Rissian cities and other country.
  • 3
    Professional visits
    We can organize professional visits to architectural bureau, developers or engineer company.
  • 4
    Guided tour with specialists
    We invite for our tour only specialists - architects, historian of art, urbanists.
  • 5
    Individual programs
    We can make non-typical programs for your demands and interests
  • 6
    Buildings under construction
    We can make visits to construction sites and transport or infrastructure objects.
Phone: +7 901 7836403
E-mail: info@svobodadostupa.ru